We develop materials to support your classroom practice in ways that deepen your understanding of EL Education's approach and strategies.

Curriculum Overview Documents

Curriculum Plans

A high-level overview of the recommended sequencing and pacing of topics, texts and writing tasks for each grade

View Curriculum Plan for Grades 3-5

View Curriculum Plan for Grades 6-8

Curriculum Maps

The single-best source to understand the year’s work for each grade level: a detailed view of the scope and sequence of the modules showing module titles, topics, targets, and standards assessed in each module.

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Tradebook and Other Resources

The list of resources that need to be purchased in order to implement the modules.

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Supplementary Curriculum Documents

Appendix: Protocols and Resources

A compendium of protocols used in the lessons and strategies related to checking for understanding, ongoing assessment, and building academic vocabulary, useful as an ongoing reference document alongside the modules.

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Foundational Reading and Language Standards Resources Package for Grades 3-5

A guide to reinforce foundational reading and language standards. Includes suggestions for additional work with complex text, word study, fluency, grammar, and independent reading. Sample schedules for supplemental literacy instruction are also included.

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Common Core-Aligned Interventions for Adolescent Readers

A guide to support students in grades 6-8 during intervention or in a supplemental setting, including suggestions for additional work with related text, word study and vocabulary, fluency, grammar and syntax, and independent reading.

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Teaching Guides

Preface to the Modules: Introduction to Grades 3–8 ELA Curriculum

A must-read orientation to the Grades 3-8 ELA curriculum: the big picture of how the modules were designed, how they address the Common Core shifts, and how critical it is to understand the logic of the "backward design" before considering any adaptations.

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Preparing to Teach a Module: Guidance for Coaches and Teacher Leaders

A recommended process for analyzing the modules before teaching them, looking first at the year to get the big picture, then zooming in on the module overview, unit overviews, and finally preparing to teach a lesson.

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Assessment Design in EL Education’s ELA Curriculum, Grades 3-8

A step-by-step process for designing effective assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

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Writing Instruction in EL Education’s ELA Curriculum, Grades 3-8

An overview of writing instruction in our ELA curriculum.

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Helping Students Read Closely in EL Education’s ELA Curriculum, Grades 3-8

Instructional strategies for helping students read complex texts independently and proficiently.

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Teaching the Research Standards in EL Education’s Grades 3-8 ELA Curriculum

An overview of the Common Core research techniques to address Common Core research standards.

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A Guide to Supporting English Language Learners in EL Education’s ELA Curriculum, Grades 3-8

Guidance for planning scaffolds for your ELLs.

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Other EL Education Resources

EL Education Videos

A collection of classroom videos that demonstrate the instructional shifts and key instructional strategies in action.

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EL Education Publications

Books that join practical wisdom with a visionary framework for teaching and learning, rich with models and stories from exemplary K–12 classrooms.

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