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ELA G8:M2B:U3:L4

Final Performance Task: Character Confessional Narrative

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Long Term Learning Targets

  • I can determine a theme or the central ideas of literary text. (RL.8.2)
  • I can analyze the development of a theme or central idea throughout the text (including its relationship to the characters, setting, and plot). (RL.8.2)
  • I can objectively summarize literary text. (RL.8.2)
  • I can analyze how specific dialogue or incidents in a plot propel the action, reveal aspects of a character, or provoke a decision. (RL.8.3)
  • I can produce clear and coherent writing that is appropriate to task, purpose, and audience. (W.8.4)
  • I can create poetry, stories, and other literary forms. (W.8.11b)

Supporting Targets

Learning TargetsOngoing Assessments
  • I can read my narrative for an audience.
  • Character confessional narrative
  • Character Confessional Rubric Self-Assessment


AgendaTeaching Notes

1.  Opening

     A.  Reviewing the Learning Target (2 minutes)

2.  Work Time

     A.  Performance Task: Sharing the Character Confessional Narrative with a Small Group (35 minutes)

3.  Closing and Assessment

     A.  Self-Assessment (8 minutes)

4.  Homework
     A.  None.

  • Before this lesson, divide students into new mixed groups, each containing one representative from each character. In this lesson, students have the opportunity to read-aloud a portion of their confessional or their entire confessional to a small group of peers. This is not a speaking and listening assessment, but rather provides students with an opportunity to further create a community of writers.


  • Character Confessional Rubric (from Lesson 1)
  • Character Confessional Self-Assessment (one per student)



A. Reviewing the Learning Target (2 minutes)

  • Invite students to read the learning target aloud with you:

*   “I can read my narrative for an audience.”

  • Tell students that in this lesson, they have an opportunity to read a self-selected portion of their narrative or their entire narrative to a small group of peers who have written confessionals about different characters. 

Work Time

Work Time

A. Performance Task: Sharing the Character Confessional Narrative with a Small Group (35 minutes)

  • Give students 5 minutes to select a portion of their narrative or decide if they would like to read the entire narrative.
  • Invite students into their new mixed character groups. Have students determine the order of reading aloud based on their birthdays.
  • Circulate as students read to their small groups. 

Closing & Assessments

ClosingMeeting Students' Needs

A. Self-Assessment (8 minutes)

  • Distribute copies of the Character Confessional Self-Assessment and have students pull out their copy of the Character Confessional Rubric (from Lesson 1) to use as a reference for their self-assessment.  . Have each student fill out the rubric as a self-assessment of her/his narrative. Students will also need to write a short statement explaining why they scored themselves the way they did on the self-assessment sheet. Model if necessary.
  • Collect student narratives and self-assessments. 
  • Developing self-assessment and reflection supports all students, but research shows it supports struggling learners most.




  • None

Supporting Materials


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