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ELA G3:M1:U1:L7

Continued Close Reading of Nasreen’s Secret School: Discussion of Questions and Evidence

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The Foundational Reading and Language Standards Resources Package for Grades 3–5

Use this guide to build additional literacy blocks alongside the module lessons.


Long Term Learning Targets

  • I can answer questions using specific details from the text. (RL.3.1) 
  • I can ask questions so I’m clear about what is being discussed. (SL.3.1c)
  • I can ask questions that are on the topic being discussed. (SL.3.1c)
  • I can connect my questions to what others say. (SL.3.1c)
  • I can use what the sentence says to help me determine what a word or phrase means. (L.3.4)

Supporting Targets

Learning TargetsOngoing Assessments
  • I can answer questions using details from Nasreen’s Secret School.
  • I can explain why I chose specific details I found to answer questions. 
  • I can determine the meaning of new vocabulary using clues in the text around it.
  • Close Read recording forms (completed)
  • Nasreen’s Secret School: Questions from the text
  • Complete Mid-Unit 1 Assessment, using Conversation Criteria checklist


AgendaTeaching Notes

1.  Opening

A.  Unpacking Learning Targets (5 minutes)

2.  Work Time

A.  Answering Text-Dependent Questions (20 minutes)

B.  Group Discussion: Carousel of Questions (20 minutes)

3.  Closing and Assessment

A.  Revealing and Discussing the Evidence (15 minutes)

4.  Homework

A.  Today you spent time choosing and discussing details to use as evidence in answering questions about Nasreen’s Secret School. Tonight, use that evidence to actually write the answers to the questions on Nasreen’s Secret School: Questions from the Text.

  • This lesson follows part 2 of the close reading cycle, which students were introduced to in Lesson 3 (with Rain School). Review that lesson.
  • In advance: Create a chart for each text-dependent question. Post these charts around the room so small groups of students can access them during the Carousel protocol.
  • Review: Carousel protocol (Appendix 1).



evidence, detail, question, clue, flourish, Taliban, frantic, Allah


  • Nasreen’s Secret School (book; one per student)
  • Nasreen’s Secret School: Questions from the Text (one per student)
  • Charts: Questions from the Text (new; teacher-created based on Questions from the Text supporting material)
  • Sticky notes (one pack for each carousel station)
  • Conversation Criteria Checklist (from Lesson 4; for teacher use)



A. Unpacking Learning Targets (5 minutes)

  • Post the learning target “I can explain why I chose specific details I found to answer questions.” Circle the word explain. Ask students how they normally explain something. Today they will be using conversation as a way to decide the details that they will be using as evidence to answer questions about Nasreen’s Secret School.

Work Time

Work TimeMeeting Students' Needs

A. Answering Text-Dependent Questions (20 minutes)

  • Distribute student texts Nasreen’s Secret School used in Lesson 6 as well as Nasreen’s Secret School: Questions from the Text.
  • Review with students the process they went through to answer questions about Rain School (in Lesson 4):

*    They read the text several times to figure out the main message and important details (done in Lessons 3 and 6).

*     Then they read the questions.

*    They reread the text, keeping those questions in mind.

*    When they encountered details that could be used as evidence to answer a question, they jotted down the evidence from the text.

  • Review the word evidence with the class. Evidence is something we use to prove an idea we have. Remind students that they are learning to be reading detectives, and that detectives look for clues, or evidence, to help them figure things out.
  • Tell them that they are going to do the exact same process for Nasreen’s Secret School. However, right now they are not going to write out full answers for the questions. They get to talk with their peers before they will write answers.
  • Instead, they should just read with the questions in mind, looking for important details that can be used as evidence in their answers.
  • When they write down the evidence on a sticky note, they should write the corresponding question number on the sticky note. This will make the next part of the activity move more efficiently.
  • Model briefly as needed. When it is clear students understand the instructions, release them to independent work.
  • Give students the next 15 minutes to work on finding important details for the questions. Encourage them to be “detectives.” Circulate and support students as needed.
  • It might be helpful for some students to use a different color to underline evidence for each question. For these students, consider providing colored pencils and coding each question with the matching color.


B. Group Discussion: Carousel of Questions (20 minutes)

  • Gather students back in a circle. Direct their attention to the charts hanging around the room. Tell them that at the top of each chart there is a question about Nasreen’s Secret School. These questions match the questions they were just thinking about as they read and underlined independently.
  • Assign students to groups of three or four. Explain their task. They are to visit each station as a group. They should bring their notes and their texts with them.
  • When they arrive at a station, they should read the question aloud. Then, each student should share the evidence she or he found that matches that question. This should be easy to find because they wrote the question number on their sticky notes.
  • If there are variations of evidence among students, the group should discuss and agree upon the best evidence for the question. They should write that evidence on a sticky note and stick it to the chart below the question.
  • Remind students to discuss important words that helped them answer the questions.
  • If there is time remaining at that station, they can actually fill in the answer to the question on the Nasreen’s Secret School: Questions from the Text recording form.
  • Tell students that when they leave each station, they should cover up their evidence with another sticky note, so the next group that comes won’t see their evidence.
  • Give groups 5 minutes at the first station, then 4 minutes at each remaining station. Use this time to circulate with the Conversation Criteria Checklist and assess groups of students who have not yet been assessed for the mid-unit assessment.

Closing & Assessments


A. Revealing and Discussing the Evidence (15 minutes)

  • After students have completed the Carousel of Questions, gather them back in a circle, with the charted questions in front of them. Take 1–2 minutes per question, revealing the evidence that each group chose. Notice where there are similarities and where there are differences. If there are differences, have a quick whole group discussion, and then a vote, on which one makes better evidence.
  • Invite students to share any final reflection they have on this text given the sensitive topic.
  • Explain the homework to students. Remind them that since they have read the text so carefully, and talked about it so much with their peers, answering the questions will be easier.




  • Today you spent time choosing and discussing details to use as evidence in answering questions about Nasreen’s Secret School. Tonight, use that evidence to actually write the answers to the questions on Nasreen’s Secret School: Questions from the Text. Remember, the first part of your answer uses words from the question. The second part of your answer should use evidence from the text.

Supporting Materials


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