How to Order Curriculum Materials

Trade books

The EL Education ELA curriculum is built around authentic, worthy texts that give students the opportunity to dig deeply into academic topics that matter and help them make connections between their academic learning and the real world. These texts include:

  • trade books required for curriculum (selected and vetted by authors of the Common Core as the best books for teaching grade level content)
  • recommended texts (books on the module topic) for independent reading
  • short texts that are included in the module lessons (articles, primary sources, poems, short stories, etc)

For procurement, please refer to our Trade Book List.  All trade books can be ordered from numerous providers including the American Reading Company.

Printed Curriculum Materials for Teachers and Students

EL Education offers printed curriculum materials for your convenience.  Our curriculum is packaged in a way that offers you classroom-ready materials that can be distributed directly to your teachers and students.  Grades 3-8 curriculum addressing the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts is available for purchase.  Each module includes:

  • Teacher guide

  • Student workbooks (set of 25)

Four modules, with 3 units in each, comprise a full year’s instruction. To provide additional options for topics and texts addressing the same standards, EL offers some alternate (named “B” modules).

Ordering information: American Reading Company, our trade book partner, offers printed curriculum materials for grades 3-5. For information about our grades 6-8 curriculum, please email

Featured Companion Books from EL Education

Leaders of Their Own Learning helps teachers master the student-engaged assessment strategies which are infused throughout the curriculum (such as learning targets, checking for understanding, and models, critique, and descriptive feedback). It also presents other powerful strategies (like student-led conferences) that help students own their learning.

Transformational Literacy: Making the Common Core Shift with Work That Matters equips teachers to deepen their implementation of the curriculum, sharpen their understanding of the instructional shifts, internalize curriculum design decisions, and support all students to excel.

Order these companion pieces today.

We are launching a new Grades K-5 ELA
curriculum in summer 2017!

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