What makes our ELA curriculum different?

  • It’s written by teachers for teachers.

    We’ve put 20 years of our experience into this curriculum to engage teachers and students in active learning every day.

  • It’s comprehensive.

    Our curriculum covers 160 days of instruction across a school year, developed down to the level of daily lessons.

  • It’s free and available online.

    Commissioned by New York State using Race to the Top funds, our curriculum is an open educational resource that can be accessed by any teacher in the country on EngageNY.org.

  • It has integrated student-facing materials

    Student-facing materials are included in the downloadable versions of every lesson.

How is our curriculum structured?

  • Our curriculum addresses a full year of English Language Arts instruction in four modules.

  • Each module is about eight weeks long, and is made up of three units comprised of six to twenty lessons that link reading and writing with speaking and listening skills.

  • Every piece of the curriculum comes with a unique ID that follows a simple pattern: grade level, module number, unit number, lesson number.

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“It’s deeper, and a lot more rigorous, than what they’ve been used to. But my kids have really been doing well, and I feel like a better teacher when I’m doing it.”
Josel Williams, 3rd grade teacher School 8, Rochester, NY
“We're leaving the workshop seeing the possibility of brilliance in every student in every school, every day.”
Participant Professional Development Session